Mar Jayson San Agustin

Software Developer

I build incredible products and digital experiences for mobile and the web.


In 2014, as a computer science student juggling a part-time gig in graphic design, I ventured into the world of desktop app design using Photoshop. Little did I know that this venture would serve as the catalyst for a profound shift in my career, leading me towards my true calling in programming and web development.

Today, I'm privileged to apply my skills across diverse projects, working with startups and established industry leaders, and this journey fuels my personal growth, reaffirming that coding applications is where I truly find my passion and fulfillment in the dynamic realm of software development and design.

When I step away from the computer, you'll frequently find me enjoying leisurely walks, engaging in online chess matches, and immersing myself in enlightening documentaries.


  1. Collabera Digital
    Nov 2023 — Present

    In a confidential capacity, I specialize in customizing Grafana's panel plugins and developing bespoke software solutions for Metrobank. Leveraging Azure services such as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), I craft innovative functionalities tailored to Metrobank's unique requirements. While I can't disclose project specifics, my role extends beyond plugin development to encompass supporting Metrobank's strategic objectives. This involves providing technical assistance, resolving issues, and addressing complex challenges discreetly.

    ReactJavaScriptTypeScriptFigmaMaterial DesignGrafanaAzure OpenAI
    Aug 2022 — Nov 2023

    My primary focus involves developing user interfaces from the ground up, utilizing ReactJS, SCSS, and JavaScript. While specific project details remain confidential, my contributions extend beyond UI creation. I play a crucial role in supporting other teams by aiding with module releases, resolving bugs, and handling intricate UI challenges, all of which contribute significantly to the overall success of our partnership with UnionBank.

    ReactJavaScriptTypeScriptFigmaAnt DesignAgileScrum Framework
  2. ISBX Philippines Inc.
    Sep 2021 — Aug 2022

    I created a dynamic forms feature for data collection from scratch, leveraging technologies like NestJS, React, Material UI, and PostgreSQL. Additionally, I resolved existing bugs in the production environment, ensuring the system's stability and reliability. I was instrumental in enabling profile editing and implementing UI enhancements, improving the overall user experience.

    ReactReact NativeTypeScriptJavaScriptNodeJSNestJSPostgreSQL
  3. Team 0.P.S. Inc. MYCURE, Parmazip
    Jun 2020 — Sep 2021

    I played a vital role in the MyCure project by creating complex onboarding modules from scratch, integrating intricate UI designs, and implementing analytics tools. I also contributed to the project's success by addressing production bugs and mentoring junior developers, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and quality of our work.

    VueTailwind CSSJavaScriptQuasar FrameworkNuxtJSLinuxMongoDB
  4. Gray Owl Technologies Inc. Ground Gurus
    Jan 2018 — Feb 2020

    I had the privilege of contributing significantly to the Ground Gurus startup project. Leading the development and successful launch of our mobile and web learning platform, I witnessed a substantial increase in the number of learners and aspiring instructors nationwide. Additionally, I played a key role in creating efficient and modern code for various flagship projects for our SaaS clients, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

    AngularReactVueIonic FrameworkPrimefacesPrimeNGTypeScriptJavaScriptNodeJSNestJSLinux
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  1. featuredTeam Collaboration Platform
    September 2023GithubDemo
    Team Collaboration Platform

    In my free time, with the help of an internet tutorial, I practiced my skills by creating this instant messaging platform, empowering users with seamless collaboration, secure file sharing, and dynamic video/audio messaging. With advanced member management, robust authentication, and customizable light/dark modes.

  2. featuredPlacefindr • Airbnb-Inspired Property Listing
    July 2023Demo
    Placefindr • Airbnb-Inspired Property Listing

    I created a project that mirrors the user-friendly appeal of Airbnb but focuses on property listings for sale. This platform provides a seamless and visually appealing experience for potential buyers to explore available properties. Users can easily filter and search for their ideal homes based on location, budget, and features. Each listing offers comprehensive details and high-quality photos making it effortless for buyers to visualize their future homes.

  3. featuredBudget Ants • Personal Finance Management System
    August 2022Demo
    Budget Ants • Personal Finance Management System

    I have created a personal finance management system for organizing my finances. This platform includes features such as expense tracking, report generation, bill payment reminders (via email and SMS notifications), budget allocation for a given period, customizable categories for expenses and income, authentication, automatic transactions for recurring records, and more.

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